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Thread: Lysacek live Twitterchat, 2/6, 2:15 p ET

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    Lysacek live Twitterchat, 2/6, 2:15 p ET

    Lysacek live Twitterchat for @NBCOlympics: Wed Feb 6, approx. 2:15 p ET.

    For anyone interested:
    I don't know what time it officially started, but I just noticed that it's happening right NOW.

    The Q and A are visible here:

    Have a question for @EvanLysacek? He'll be taking over our handle soon! Tweet your questions to @NBCOlympics using #OLYMPICS2014!
    10:31 AM - 6 Feb 13


    Lysacek does sound determined (as he did on the Today show this morning, when he said [I'm paraphrasing] that his sights are set on a second Olympic title a la Dick Button).
    Examples from his Twitterchat:

    Q. what song do you play to psych yourself up before your skate? #Olympics2014
    A. I like the song "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor and "Champion" by Chris Brown. -EL #OLYMPICS2014

    Q. I recall you followed a very strict diet before Vancouver. Same diet this time, or different? #OLYMPICS2014
    A. Even more strict now! -EL #OLYMPICS2014

    Q. What are you looking forward to the most( Sochi)? The competition,atmosphere,seeing the other athletes? Thx
    A. The competition, for sure. -EL #Olympics2014

    And I just thought that this part was interesting:
    Q. What skill was hardest for u to master (going back to your 1st days skating)? Jump, spin or basic like x-overs? #OLYMPICS2014
    A. From the beginning, I had no talent with skating, so everything was hard. I just liked it! -EL #OLYMPICS2014
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