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    saw it-loved it..anyone seen it? Daniel Day Lewis-extraordinary. Deserves Oscar. That makes 2 I've seen. Have 3 more I wish for. and you all? what's been awesome?

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    Loved it. Want to see it again when it is released on DVD.

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    I was riveted. I thought it did a fantastic job showing that "even back then" nothing much happened politically without a lot of backdoor, under-the-table deals. Sadly, some take any mention of that as some kind of disparagement of Lincoln himself. And though it does make one sad for the average joes and janes whose local officials ended up being appointed as political favors rather than for experience or competence, and even though it is very sobering to contemplate the lives that might have been saved if a possible North-South peace had not been delayed by so many months, I don't think that the political wheeling and dealing has to make one think less of Lincoln. Differently, maybe, if one has an idea of him as above that sort of thing, but the movie didn't make me think of him as not great or not heroic. Not perfect, perhaps, but who is? It did give me a fuller picture of him and of the times.

    I would like to tackle the primary book on which the movie is based (Team of Rivals, isn't it?). I appreciated that the film had a narrow focus on Lincoln's fight for the 13th amendment, by the way; many reviewers criticized it for not being more of a bio of his entire life, but any film covering that much ground could never have been as detailed and nuanced about the politics as this one was, and would have had to have been much longer.

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    I started Team of Rivals, and it's riveting reading. Doris Kearns Goodwin is one of the three or four best historians writing today, along with David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, and Stephen Ambrose. (I can't remember if Ambrose is still alive, but he wrote Undaunted Courage about Lewis and Clark, and I think also Band of Brothers, about World War II.)

    I agree that people seem to want Lincoln to be a saint or they want nothing to do with him, and that's not generally how things work in life, and certainly not in politics. The more I learn of him the more impressed I am, but no one man can bring history into that sweet zone where everything works out all right for everyone.

    In fact, for a man born in Kentucky in the early 1800s, he did a splendid job of rising above his time and place in so many aspects. To say he wasn't as enlightened as we are in the matter of race relations is to forget that his work is part of what gives us the opportunity and the luxury to have attained our enlightened stance.

    Like you, I also feel that the movie was smart concentrating on the one event rather than his life or his entire Presidential term. (I haven't seen it yet, but maybe this weekend, if my area isn't drowned, blown away, or snowbound.) The truth is that you could make a movie about some aspect of Lincoln every year and never come to the end of him.

    The war was terrible, but we forget at our peril that one of two far worse things would have happened without it.
    1. The Union would have stayed together with slavery continuing until who knows when. As manufacturing became more widespread, slaves would have been moved into work as factory laborers. How intractable would the institution have become by that time, in 1880 or so?
    2. The Union would have broken apart and the Confederacy would have formed unchecked as a separate country. Endless wars over Western territory, especially the rich plum of California, would have sapped American strength for the rest of the century and more. As the Confederacy industrialized to compete with the Union, slaves would have been again moved into work as factory laborers. Within the Confederacy, can you imagine that any voices for reform would have been heard?

    Imagine all the children born into servitude, generation after generation, if either of those scenarios had taken place.

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    You left out my fav Nathaniel Philbrick

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    DDLewis better get Best Actor or I am throwing something at the TV, and it wont be flowers.....I have nothing against HJ in Les Mis, feel bad movie of the year, so bad it made my Mirai cry like a baby, but DDL earned this, and the movie needs to get the Oscar too, as does S. Fields. I do have to say that I got a penny that says Speilburg will have to apologize for getting the votes of the Conn. congressmen wrong in the film.....if that is indeed true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    saw it-loved it
    Just like you... Saw it and loved it so much!
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