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Good for you Doris....although what is worse for me is this crap called gratuitous violence. There is a new movie called "A Good Day To Die Hard" and from the preview on the ABC morning show, Bruce Willis cohosting, I saw lots of people solving problems by machine guning each other while the hosts were laughing....the same hosts that talk about what we can do about gun violence in Chicago....can anyone wonder where fifth graders get ideas on how to solve problems at schools? I have less of a problem with violence where it is historically accurate (the start of "Lincoln" ) I would like to see Zero dark Thirty but I would like to see it at home so I can fast forward through anything disturbing.
(rant alert) I just heard that the most violent video game out there, CAll to Duty, has sold 40 million copies....and that is only one game. Around here, two fifth graders were caught plotting to take a girl away with a .45 auto they had stolen and knife her to death. She had teased them. Be thankful you lived when you did....rant alert over.
I know what you mean, Chris. It can't be good for people, especially children, to watch such a constant stream of violent acts. It's no coincidence that the only two Bruce Willis movies I've ever seen are The Sixth Sense and Nobody's Fool. They're how I know he's a good actor.