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    New skates-poor performance

    Hello, I am the mother of a 9 yr. old beginner figure skater. She is a level 6 freestyle in the learn to skate program and has been skating for 2 yrs. After her 1st pair of entry level figure skates began to "break down" her coach recommended that we purchase Riddell 255TS boots and Matrix Legacy 7050 blades (the stainless steel). Since switching to the new boots/blades her performance has decreased substantially, she can no longer do her elements at the same level of competency and in particular her speed has decreased. She has had the new boots/blades for 6+ weeks and has assured us that they are broken in, and not causing her discomfort. Her coach is losing patience with her and believes she simply isn't trying. That is not the case, she is trying and is very frustrated. I need to add that her coach is normally a very kind person, but is really getting angry at our daughter. Her coach believes that she is making excuses and should simply skate "faster". Can anyone give some advice on how to help our daughter adjust to these skates, or some methods on increasing her speed? Does anyone have any experience with the blades, and advice on adjusting to them? It is noteworthy that she skates 5-6 times per week. Thanks so much in advance.
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