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... Courtney Hicks is capable of doing a triple axel-she has good power and spins very fast in the air. If she does a triple axel next year she stands a chance of being on the Olympic team...

As far as the Mao/Akiko comparison-apples and oranges, and in the '6.0' point of view, they were both wonderful. I wish they could both win, but I would love to seen them go 1-2, with Gao sneaking in for the bronze.
If that happens for Courtney (who is indeed an explosive jumper with huge height), let's hope she brings more artistry to the table. As it is now, she needs to learn how to slow down a little bit and realize that music is playing to which she should be skating. That's a difficult concept to understand if musicality doesn't come naturally, but maybe there's hope for her. It would be wonderful if a truly great jumper came with exquisite artistic sensibilities. It doesn't seem to happen often enough.

It would be wonderful for Christina to medal here. I'm sure she would be equally pleased with another great skate to cap off her season.