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Thread: 2013 4CC Ladies Short Program

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    Finally, was able to watch all 20 SP performances on TV last night!
    One of the reasons I love about 4CC, though historically technically and/or in depth-wise, much weaker comp than Euro I agree, is I enjoy skaters from the lesser-known countires as skating powerhouse, and I really look forward to seeing some improvements in their skating every year. And they DO improve in their own ways!

    From the first half of ladies SP, I very much enjoyed Australian girls!
    The younger sister of the Kerrys, I was pleasantly surprised that she has grown up so much, both as a skater and as a person since last season! Wow, she is a lady now. Please keep on growing, Chantelle!

    As for Brooklee Han, I loved her step sq! With those steps and stretched-out postures, she skates bigger so that looks bigger on ice than she actually is. She has good basics, nice postures good enough flexibility. Hope she will work to improve her overall speed and quality on jumps. And to smile a bit more. In a season or two, she can advance to Free Skate at Worlds, I believe.

    Way to go, young Wallaby girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    * True. Although Melissa Bulanhagui is from Philadelphia, Pa., and Ami Parekh is from Jersey City, N.J. Still, yeah.
    Yes I know. I read their bios along with all the other skaters. And although some skaters are American-born it's still amazing that countries like India represent at a Senior ISU event!

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