Pushing the envelope with regard to jumps has always been a part of the sport beginning in the 1800's. And that will continue until human limitation puts an end to it. In all sports, there is this tendency to want to do something that hasn't been done: run faster, jump further or higher, break records etc. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. Appreciate it for what it is. Figure skating is foremost an athletic activity; otherwise, we wouldn't see it at the Olympics (one could make an argument that ballet be an Olympic sport). When a skater is able to bring an artistic temperament to his performance, that is wonderful. Figure skating, certainly as compared to other sports, is over analyzed. This over analyzation (judging) is in fact asking too much of a human being. The judges do it, but I question how well they do it. The process attempts to appear objective with all the numbers assigned, but there is no way that one's taste, etc don't interfere.

Could someone link me to the judging criteria for Skating Skills. Thanks.