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That may be the way they're thinking but logically, is 3Lz and 3T as hard as 3Lz+3T? Also, if the 3Lz and 3T get extremely positive GOE and the 3Lz-3T is UR or sth than the skater A may actually outscore the skater B on jumps so that the 7th pass becomes irrelevant.
I wonder if that was part of whjat the ISU was thinking when they reduced the value of GOE on triple Jumps?

For instance, if Skater A got -1 Goe (= -0.7) on the very difficult 3Lz+3T, while Slater B got +2 on both the Lutz combo and the solo 3T, Skater A still comes out ahead even if she does nothing more than a plain double Axel in the seventh pass.

And if Skater B uses the extra pass for a 3F+2T, or a 3Lo+2Lo, that's a lot of extra points, even if Skater A presents a fuller jump card but with no triple-triple.