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Thread: Schedule & TV Streams Junior Worlds

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    Any link for the gala?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irina89 View Post
    Any link for the gala?
    Eurosport 2 (British)

    It's just begun

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    UNO!! He barely is taller than the boards.

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    Julia just has something that makes the crowds applause, imagine if she can improve more her artistry more already

    Kosigina/Moroshkin's Gala music ?
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    After all the complaining about Eurosport that goes on here, may I take this opportunity to congratulate them on their brilliant coverage of the Junior Worlds!

    Given that last week Eurosport were covering the Nordic Skiing World Championships, the Snooker World Open, and the Junior World Figure Skating Championships, as well as the normal World Cup rounds in Alpine Skiing and Biathlon, I thought that they did a great job with their scheduling!

    I was really impressed that every day as soon as the evening (afternoon in Europe) match of the snooker was over, Eurosport went over to the figure skating immediately. So, a big thank you should go out to my fellow Ulsterman Mark Allen for having such rapid victories in his matches on Friday and Saturdayday so that we got over to the Ladies SP and Men's FS earlier than planned.

    I was also impressed that Eurosport decided to show the Ladies FS in it’s entirety. And, although it was by accident rather than by design, that we got to see the Pairs FS in its entirety as well.

    My only complaint is that I cannot understand why Eurosport were not able to show the evening sessions of the skating in their entirety EVERY night, given that there was not any live programming on directly beforehand.

    Carlton Kirby kept telling us during the Dakar Rally when the coverage was delayed by tennis (i.e. EVERY NIGHT), “Eurosport is a LIVE sports driven channel, so LIVE sports are given priority over magazine programmes like this”.

    Erm, so why weren’t the evening sessions of the figure skating given priority over highlights of programmes that were shown LIVE earlier in the day then…?!

    Overall, though, I am really pleased with the coverage Eurosport gave us. It was no-where near as bad as many members on here were predicting after I announced at the start of this thread that Eurosport were showing the Junior Worlds.

    So, well done!!!

    Fingers crossed that we get more of the same in the future.

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