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Even with THREE ur's and a double salchow, Mao's base value was still 59.54, one of the highest of all the ladies this season. She's very close to rotating 3F+3lo (looked fine in real time), and for me, she rotated her 2a+3t. 3A was also rotated, but I think her other foot touched the ice before she completed the rotation.
It only looks fine in real time [to you] because she is a master of staying upright and pulled in until she's gotten all the rotation in - off or on the ground (think Sarah Hughes, Nagasu, but Mao is even better at it). It's why she was able to stand up on that axel. She basically landed in a balanced backspin position. It helps avoid falls, and it helps her hook around under-rotated jumps. The problem is that because she's able to stand up so many UR jumps so easily, she doesn't get the kind of torque (or falls) that other skaters get on those landings, therefore it's comfortable and it makes it psychologically harder to fix it.

In any case, it was pretty obvious the loop in that combo was UR in real time, as well as the second flip. What other jump did they UR? The feed was Standard Quality and I sort of tuned out halfway through the performance, anyways. Judges aren't average spectators, and neither are other skaters.

I love Akiko Suzuki. She really draws you into her performance. She reminds me of Bebe Liang with the bits of dance she does towards the end of her program.