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I'm not saying you're wrong. But boring SP+boring LP vs. terrible SP+awesome LP, I'll take the latter (from a preference point of view.)

And yes, the USFSA has massive favoritism going on. With Wagner. Her PCS at Nats beat-out what Worlds Champions have gotten...and then Nagasu was KILLED by the judges and tech panel afterwards which pissed me off greatly.

I didn't pay attention to Gold in her junior circuit, but if what people say are true, that she can be a spitfire, then...I understand why they went with Wagner+Gold.

Addition: YuNa has the layout she has right now because of the above, plus she doesn't want to break-up her 3-3.

BTW the tech panel here was hard. There are a few UR's on the protocol sheet that I wasn't expecting.
Gold's FS at Junior worlds was pretty good. Great, IMO. She has issues with nerves, I could tell she was nervous just by her body language before her skate. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much time to get it under control. Worlds are soon, and Sochi is next year.