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I really don't know about that... the first time I saw Mao's FS I thought, "That is going to be special", and the first time I saw Akiko's FS I spent the rest of the day feeling inspired and excited. Yuna's FS just doesn't do it for me. The music cuts are just awful (why do you need to include that many pieces from 'Les Mis', anyway??), and the choreography is just not that inspired. It would be hard to create inspired choregoraphy for such uninteresting music cuts, but still...

That said, I think that Yuna's execution of technical elements is more polished than Mao's- so it is going to be a nail biter of a competition if both ladies bring it to Worlds!
To each their own.

My wish as a YuNa fan is for her to bring back Arirang and skate the living daylights out of it during next year's Olympic season. I love that program so much.