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    Quote Originally Posted by vera01 View Post

    I still think Yuna can beat Mao. Am I the only one??
    Nope, you are not the only one. I think a lot of people think this is Kim's World to win. I think one of the major differences between Kim and the rest of the field..she makes skating look absolutely effortless (shows up in PCS..skating skills). Because we haven't seen Kim that much, we are prone to judge what we immediately see in front of us e.g. the Japanese skaters, Gold at Nationals, Osmond at her Nationals, and Kostner at her nationals (people seem to be forgetting about Kostner too in this thread... bad oversight IMO) etc. But as i've said before, Kim is on a mission and I don't think the rest of the field can do anything about it...even Asada with her 3A...although it does make it a lot more interesting.
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