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    Re: 4CC Ladies Free Skate

    Both legs don't work to create counter rotation. They work on the take off.

    And what someone whose never done a triple jumps thinks really doesn't matter that much. All skaters pivor that way on their take offs and none of the judges penalized them, because doing triples off a pure back takeoff is almost impossible especially if consistency and safety are a high concern.

    Most skaters would jam their take offs doing that.

    Skaters have been pivoting that way since doubles jumps were elite level content and certainly concerned triples became the normal.

    Play all the videos in this thread in slow motion and feast your eyes.

    The fact that one judge disagrees doesn't change the fact that they various advocating for a rather dangerous technique that would injure a ton of skaters. If ibwerw a coach I'd ignore that opinion. As a skaters, I surely do.

    There are a lot of statements like this in the skating world from people who hide behind their credentials.

    Additionally, something clarification is needed on that statement. The pivot that happens in a normal jump take-off is somewhat different from the way a lot of coaches teach low level skaters to do toe loops, for example. At the higher level it's more of a turn than a pivot and it's not an emphasized movement, just a side product of the takeoff mechanics.

    That's about as oblivious as the coaches who insist a loop jump actually lifts off a LBO edge.

    The total pick yes serves as a center for rotation on the takeoff. If you don't "pivot" you risk throwinbthe jump off trajectory and leaning back in the air. Also, it's too hard to achieve good air position jumping like that in triples or quads.
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