Going through the comments on this page it seem that V/M's free dance definitely polarizing. Some love it and some are disgusted by its vulgar advent-garde appearance and that this season's transformation for them was a waste.

We see f skating as a balance between art and athleticism. This routine is much of a work of art (compared to Davis and White who are naturally more about the athleticism and there is nothing wrong with that) and because of that, the way we have reacted to this routine is similar to when you go to a contemporary art museum and observe their displays and masterpieces. You adore it or loathe it.

Their Carmen FD is like contemporary art- some appreciate it, some love it and some hate it...and this I think is the exact reaction Virtue and Moir want from this FD. They wanted to challenge what can be portrayed in a routine and what emotions and feelings they can bring from the audience.

If Virtue and Moir decide to compromise this idea of art to get the levels and components, they will have a better chance at winning 2013 worlds but the impact they wanted of people expressing a tonne of emotions wouldn't be as resounding as they would like. However, if they keep their FD as it is, they will probably not but this program will really go down in history as something that pushed Ice Dance to uncomfortable heights. Bit of a catch 22