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Thread: 2013 Junior World Figure Skating Championships: Short Dance Reports

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    2013 Junior World Figure Skating Championships: Short Dance Reports

    Detailed Classification
    Judges Scores

    Disclaimer: The GOE values listed next to the elements are the ones, I'd award if I was a judge, to give you a general impression of how well it was executed. I try to describe each of the elements but there's not always time to be as detailed as I would like and those numbers can sometimes say a thousand words. So if you see positive GOE, it means an element was executed to a high standard (and yes, I am generally being very nitpicky ).

    Any questions, comments, criticisms and discussion are very welcome.

    26. Valeria ZENKOVA / Valeri SINITSIN /RUS/
    Blues: Your Heart Is As Black As Night
    Swing: Brother Swing

    blues sequence – good flow, nice extensions [1]
    midline not touching step sequence [1]
    blues sequence [0]
    twizzle: arm above and catch into clockwise shoulder on face and above head – well synchronised [1]
    catchfoot rotational lift [1]

    A solid, polished performance. Decent flow, neat movement. His posture and lines could improve, however, and I wish their movements were 'bigger.'

    27. Alexandra Aldridge / Daniel Eaton /USA/
    Swing: Pennsylvania 6-5000 by Brian Setzer
    Blues: Down Home Blues by Gene Harris

    midline not touching step sequence – great expression, fast, bold curves [2]
    twizzles: arm above and catch into clockwise arms to the side to arms on hips – very fast and well synchronised, difficult entry [2]
    blues sequence – a little slow and cautious [0]
    blues sequence – again, a little slow and tentative, edges a bit shaky and scratchy [-1]
    catchfoot rotational lift – good entry but rotation a little slow [0]

    Great attack and expression throughout. Whilst their performance skills were second to none, basic skating still needs work, as was evident on the compulsory sequences.

    Krylova and Scali with them in the Kiss & Cry.

    28. Shari KOCH / Christian NÜCHTERN /GER/
    Blues: Feeling Good by Michael Buble
    Swing: Pachuca (from "The Mask" soundtrack)

    blues sequence – quite close together, decent flow [1]
    circular not touching step sequence [0]
    blues sequence – close together again, could get a bit more glide however [0]
    twizzles: arm above and catch into clockwise – hers a little slow and weak so synch was a little off [-1]
    catchfoot rotational lift [0]

    They seemed to be really focused on executing each technical element and their presentation suffered as a result. Their movement was quite neat and composed but they didn't project out to the judges and audience. Performance aspect was lacking.

    29. Evgenia KOSIGINA / Nikolai MOROSHKIN /RUS/
    Blues and Swing: Lord of the Dance - Capone by Ronan Hardiman

    blues sequence – a little cautious [0]
    spread eagle catchfoot curve lift [1]
    circular not touching step sequence – very close together – movements could be finished off better, could use more flow [0]
    blues sequence – again, could use a little more speed and attack [0]
    twizzles: arm above and catchfoot into clockwise arms folded into arms next to head – fast and well synchronised [2]

    Very busy choreography featuring a lot of upper body movement throughout, sold well. They should work on finishing their movements off however. It sometimes looked a little messy. Cleaner lines and pointed toes would make a big difference in how their program is received.

    30. Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillame CUIZERON /FRA/
    Blues: Minnie the Moocher
    The Dirty Boogie

    twizzles: arm on chest and catch into clockwise into arms above – fast, very secure and well synchronised [2]
    blues sequence – close together, very neat footwork [1]
    blues sequence – again, neat and smooth footwork [1]
    midline not touching step sequence – good speed and expression [1]
    spread eagle straight line lift with changes of position – difficult entry [1]

    Good attack and expression throughout, very nice lines and expresions. Everything looked neat and controlled. They managed to express the character of the music well in both sections. Very good job on all of the technical elements as well.

    31. Alexandra STEPANOVA / Ivan BUKIN /RUS/

    twizzles: arm above and catch into clockwise arms on chest into arm above and raised knee – fast and well synchronised [2]
    blues sequence – lovely extensions [1]
    spread eagle straight line lift with changes of position – very strong, effortless changes of position [2]
    blues sequence – strong edges [1]
    not touching midline circular step sequence [1]

    Technically this was a really strong performance and their basic skating is very good. Deep, clean edges. The choreography was a little generic, however, and they didn't do as good a job with interpreting the music as Papadakis/Cuizeron.

    I would have gone with them on TES and SS but with P/C on the other PCS.

    32. Madeline EDWARDS / Zhao Kai PANG /CAN/
    Blues: Why Don't You Do Right
    Swing: Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

    straight line one foot lift – nice entry, secure throughout [1]
    blues sequence – good flow [1]
    blues sequence [1]
    twizzles: arm above and catch into clockwise arms behind into arms to the sides of the head(fast) – very fast on the last twizzle but a little slow on the clockwise [0]
    not touching midline step sequence [1]

    Elegant, good flow throughout.

    They have a lot of potential, provided she doesn't outgrow him (they're very close in height).

    33. Anna NAGORNYUK / Viktor KOVALENKO /UZB/
    Blues: One Night by Elvis Presley
    Jive: Long Tall Sally by Elvis Presley

    blues sequence – edges not very secure, extensions lacking [-1]
    blues sequence [0]
    spread eagle straight line lift [0]
    twizzles: catch and arm on head into clockwise arms on hips(a little off-synch) into arms on left hip(a little bit off-synch) – good speed [0]
    not touching circular step sequence [0]

    Generic choreography as you could expect from Kustarova and Alexeeva. This wasn't bad (other than the compulsory sequences) but they looked really out of their league in this group.

    I was very surprised to see them being marked so high. The late starting order must have helped.

    34. Sofia SFORZA / Francesco FIORETTI /ITA/
    Separation Blues by Maria Muldaur, Bonnie Raitt
    Swing, Brother, Swing by Casey McGill

    not touching circular step sequence – quite good flow, deep edges [1]
    blues sequence [0]
    blues sequence [0] – decent on both blues sequences but could use a little more speed and flow
    steps to twizzles: arm above and catch(she was a bit late going in, struggled a little throughout and had a very weak exit dropping her foot down and turning out) into arms extended into clockwise [-2]
    catchfoot roational lift – quite good but a deliberate set-up [0]

    Twizzles aside, this was not a very bad job, but they don't have the speed and power of the other top teams from the last two warm-up groups. Decent performance skills, however, they sold the program quite well.

    35. Mackenzie BENT / Garrett MACKEEN /CAN/
    Blues: History Is Made At Night by Marc Shaiman
    Swing: I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn't Love

    blues sequence [0]
    blues sequence – quite good flow and extensions [1]
    waltz jump to twizzles: arm above and bent knee into clockwise arms folded(a little weak) [0]
    midline not touching step sequence [1]
    spread eagle curve lift with changes of position [1]

    Very good lines and extensions, sold the program well. Program construction was quite basic, however, with a lot of stroking and a lack of connecting movement.
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