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[Edited to add]: One more. Everybody loves Plushenko, right? Most people have never heard of the journalist and those who have think he's a jerk, right? Couldn't Plushenko just laugh him off?
Not everyone likes Plush. No one likes everyone. He has a lot of envy, as I said he is too famous, is too rich, he is not only a skater, an athlete ... He is a celebrity, he is constantly present in the media. This is a news today..

Plushenko registers own brand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u5eNcWc0rs
I don't know what is the truth, but they only speculated, that Plushy will establish brand with his name even Lovplush's photomontage they presented as evidence of the beginning of Plushy's the campaign. I showed it : Pluminator Quadrilogy http://t.co/mDkv891gQY by Lovplush.
I don't think he will sue the TV channel if the news isn't true ...