Even if Farris is close to Miner, Dornbush, and Rippon in international PCS, that PCS is from junior competitions. Which is not the same as senior. I really liked Joshua's skating at Nationals, but I didn't have a problem with him receiving lower PCS than Ross. To me, Ross skates with a lot more speed, maturity, and presence than Farris. I thought Farris's LP was good but he looked a bit nervous throughout, and he seemed to be dropping his shoulders or something, his posture was just a bit lacking. Also his program was generic, whereas I like the concept and presentation of Ross's program, and you have to admit Ross really kept it moving and maintained great energy throughout. Did Ross get a bit of a reputation boost in PCS? I would say yes. But I'd also say he still deserved to come ahead of Farris.

To me it's not in doubt that Max and Ross had the 2 best overall performances at Nationals, and therefore deserved their spots on the team according to current criteria. I just hope Ross can pull it together and do better at Worlds. 4CC was definitely a pretty big disappointment for him, and I worry that he's now developing a mental block with his triple Axels.

All I can say about the PCS issue on the ladies' side is I disagreed thoroughly with many of the marks at Nationals. I do understand Gracie's PCS boost in the long. However, I very much disagreed with the disparity in Agnes's and Christina's PCS.