I found and read this (http://figureskate.wordpress.com/201...ens-interview/) interview, and I found really interesting this part:
PI: I only judge singles and pairs. No ice dance for me. I’m a REAL judge!
TW: Which means?
PI: That’s an inside joke in figure skating. In ice dance, everyone knows all the results before they even judge, yet they still sit through every practice session from five in the morning until late at night.
TW: So who DOES determine the ice dance results, then?
PI: The previous competitions and the country you’re from play a huge part. And I guess from time-to-time, the quality of skating matters. But that’s not my department..
I've always thought this, and now t'is a lot more evident with the IJS: I think about V/M vs D/W, for example: in some competition, it seems that all the nine (or most of the) judges like (for example) V/M, in another D/W, and the same is for the technical panel; I sometimes feel the same about single skaters: for example, this year Carolina received harsh PCS marks from the whole Golden Spin panel of judges, when at Euros all the judges gave her really high marks...
For example, last season it was clear that at Worlds the judges liked V/M (and D/W came second, even if both the couples skated their best, and I would say D/W were actually a bit better, at least in the FD), then at WTT they both skated almost the same as Worlds but D/W received super-higher marks.
I have always thought that there is some kind of agreement among the judges before the competition, especially in Ice Dance...
What do you think?