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Thread: Katarina Witt espnW documentary coming in Summer 2013

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    Katarina Witt espnW documentary coming in Summer 2013

    Early programming note for Katarina Witt espnW documentary coming in Summer 2013:

    "The Diplomat" -- Directed by Jennifer Arnold and Senain Kheshgi

    Film summary (from espnW):

    At the height of the Cold War, Katarina Witt became one of East Germany's most famous athletes. Trained in an ice rink that gave rise to socialist heroes, Witt dominated her field by winning six European skating titles, five world championships** and back-to-back Olympic gold medals, becoming arguably the world's best figure skater.

    Known as "the most beautiful face of socialism," her success gave her a unique status in East Germany. It also triggered constant surveillance by the Stasi, East Germany's notorious secret police force. This film chronicles how Witt fought for her future in socialist East Germany, faced the great changes that occurred after the fall of the Berlin wall and ultimately ended up both a beneficiary and victim of the East German regime.

    It is one of the films in espnW's Nine for IX documentary series airing Jul 2 - Aug 27. The films will air over consecutive Tuesday evenings at 8 pm ET.

    The wonderful Robin Roberts is an executive producer of the series.

    (BTW, Witt is not the only woman covered in the series who has no apparent connection to Title IX.)

    ** Thanks to skateluvr and Olympia for noting below that espnW's summary has an error. Witt won four world golds (plus two world silvers). Thanks to Silver1998 as well.,00.pdf
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