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but this is what happens when she is on the crowd
she pops every single Flip!!! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMyZIESJPgI
and that was even a Exhibition, Sotnikova has terrible Flip Technique couple with her being a known headcase
Isn't landing a jump in an exhibition harder because of the light? At least that is what I heard/read somewhere. She has a bad technique on her lutz but her flip is just fine. She had indeed problems with this jump this season, landing just 1 out of 3 in both GP, but she skated clean her last 2 SP (at nationals and euros, both competitions being very important) and landed one out of 2 in her LP in basically every LP she did this season. It's true she still didn't do 2 out of 2 in her LP but maybe she can do it here. Even if she doesn't and that's her only mistake a top 5 is very likely. I actually don't mind you calling her a headcase and predict terrible outcomes for her: at Euros she was on fire after you predicted a huge meltdown
I'm starting to believe you actually like Sotnikova and wish her well but since she is so inconsistent, you lower your expectation and predict the worse outcome so that you won't be disapointed again She is not the only inconsistent skater in the world but you pay a special attention to her