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I read once that Kristi left a pair of tickets for SOI at the will call window for Rudy whenever the show was in his area. I don't know if he ever used them. I believe it was initially rough on Rudy when Kristi quit pairs, but he eventually realized that it was the best for both of them.
It must have been a tough choice for Kristi, but she couldn't have kept going doing both singles and pairs, and she had more potential in singles. There was no way that at that time an American pair of their level would have made it to gold over Russian pairs (or they might still have been Soviet). As a singles skater, Kristi had a fine chance to make it to the Olympic podium. (Which, as it turns out, is an understatement.) But even more than that, Kristi's coach, Christy Ness, had moved to Canada. The kind of commute Kristi would have had to make to train with both her singles coach and her pairs coach would have been inhuman. I'm glad they've been able to make their peace with what happened and renew their friendship.