I have a new appreciation for Shotaro, he's so smiley and silly all the time! Hope he keeps up the great skating for next season. Wonder if he's working on quads yet?

Also watching the programs I was noticing Josh has nice edge jumps. Does he train a 4s does anyone know? The 4t has been very close in competitions (almost seems like he's motoring too much into it and the impact when he lands causes the wipe-outs) and I know he can do it very well in practice, but given what a strong jumper he is, I figure it might not do him harm to train other quads, and it could turn out that it winds up being better for him. I remember Javi was trying 4t for a season or two and usually falling or stepping out of it, then got the 4s, and now his 4s is really his money jump and arguably even better in quality and more consistent than his 4t, even though he's had the 4t in his arsenal for longer. Josh's 3a is so good now that I do think training a 4s, if he hasn't started already, might not be a bad idea, given how beautifully he can do 3s at the very end of his program.