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On international flights I think ice skates are still generally prohibited.
@AshWagner2010's luggage did not arrive in London with her. She apparently has been scrambling to procure skates:

- No luggage!!! Grrrr
9:06 PM - Mar 11, 2013

- Made it to London in one piece! Now I just need my skates and I'm ready to go! #goinbarefoot
6:48 AM - Mar 12, 2013

- I've rounded up tights and a top, thx to @WeaverPoje and makeup from my lovely roommate..now searching 4 shoes and oh yeah, skates!#practice
12:46 PM - Mar 12, 2013


So it sounds as if Wagner has been reunited with her luggage.

Great first day of practice..the crowd in London is incredible I'm already so excited to compete! Time to unpack my beast of a suitcase
6:18 PM - Mar 12, 2013

But the point remains that if Chan had needed to fly from Colorado to Ontario (instead of driving from Detroit), hypothetically his luggage and skates could have been lost too.