Who knew?

London area holds special place in heart of American skater Meryl Davis

By Ryan Pyette, The London Free Press

Friday, March 1, 2013 11:30:37 EST AM

Yes, this article is from the London, ONT, paper.

There wasn't a hint of cell phones or social media in the summer of 1939 at Bright's Grove.

But when there was a beautiful woman, this Ava Gardner look-a-like, on the nearby Lake Huron beach, word travelled like a lightning bolt.

Ken Davis, a vacationing teen from Detroit, heard about this vision – 21-year-old Cecile Dennis of London – and went to have a look. There, the 16-year-old spotted another girl, much closer to his 16 years, trying to ride a bicycle.

She crashed and Ken scrambled to her aid. They talked, and he discovered she was Cecile Dennis' younger sister Marian.

“That's how my grandmother and grandfather met,” Meryl Davis said.

“We would go every year to my relatives' houses in London (or a family member's farm house in tiny Iona Station) for Canadian Thansgiving,” Meryl said. “It was wonderful.