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Well Mr. P was nice enough to go to Skate America with me and even was some what engaged with the competition.

Bouncing off what Chris said, I do recommend Skate America (or Skate Canada if you live close to a Canadian city) as a good alternative to Worlds, especially if the city is within driving distance to where you live (which it was for me). It was the perfect competition to dip my feet into. There's only 10 skaters in men's and ladies and 8 pairs/dance so the sessions aren't as long, which is great for someone like my husband who isn't really a skating fan.
I have never been to the practices what are they like? Is it fun and worth while to go to them? I was also planning on taking a 5 year old for an hour or so as the tickets are pretty cheap and am wondering if she would like going/ She will watch the pairs on tv with me, but I am not sure do the competitors play their music as well? Is there anyway to find out for sure which athletes are practising in each group, I have seen the practice times.