2013 Junior World Figure Skating Championships
Men – Free Skating

Detailed Classification
Judges Scores
Final Result

Disclaimer: The GOE values listed next to the elements are the ones, I'd award if I was a judge, to give you a general impression of how well it was executed. I try to describe each of the elements but there's not always time to be as detailed as I would like and those numbers can sometimes say a thousand words. So if you see positive GOE, it means an element was executed to a high standard (and yes, I am generally being very nitpicky ).

Any questions, comments, criticisms and discussion are very welcome.

13. HINO Ryuju /JPN/
Robin Hood (soundtrack) Michael Kamen

3axel [-3] – leaning in the air, fall
3lip [-2] – short entry but off a clear outside edge
3lutz [-1] – over the toe, poor flow out
3salchow [-1] – scratchy landing, poor flow out
sit var/change sit broken leg [-1] – quite slow
circular step sequence [-1] – lacking speed and flow
to scratch butterfly to flying camel upward twist/sit var/up [0]
3axel/3toe [0]
3loop [0]
3lutz/2toe [0]
2axel/2toe/2loop [0]
camel/sit to coe/up pancake/change camel/jump to sit(off-centred)/up scratch(off-centred slightly) [-1]

Stiff upper body and unextended arm movements. He really needs to work on his posture, lines and projection. He wasn't selling the program at all and had a blank and disinterested facial expression throughout. Skated mostly through the music.

14. Mikhail KOLYADA /RUS/
Pearl Harbour (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer

3lutz [1] – solid, good flow out
3axel – fall [-3]
3axel/3toe [0] – clean but not a lot of speed out
3loop [1] – high and solid
flying camel upward twist to donut [0] – rotation speed ok but extension not very good
3lutz/2toe [1]
3lip [-3] – step out
3salchow/2toe/2toe [0]
2axel [0]
camel/sit catch/up/change camel/sit leg behind/up biellmann(not held long) [0]
straight line step sequence [0]
sit to cannonball/jump to change sit [0]

His basic skating is decent and he seemed to be moving in time to the music for the most part (at least hitting the accents in the music) but his posture and lines are quite poor and the choreography was rather basic. He kept looking down on the ice throughout. Presentation needs work.

Les Bateaux (Emmenez-moi) by Jean Claudric
Le Repos d'Alexandre by Vladimir Cosma

unextended ina bauer into 3axel/2toe [0] – secure landings but not a lot of flow out
unextended ina bauer into 1axel [-1] – wild pop
3lutz [1] – solid, nicely extended landing
3toe [-1] – scratchy landing edge
sit to side twist/change sit/jump to sit side twist [-1] – poorly extended positions, not a lot of speed
3lutz/2toe [-1] – looked like another double toe was planned but he had no speed out and decided against it
3lip [-2] – strained landing he had to fight for
1salchow [-1] – big pop
camel/sit to holding foot/up butt out/change camel/sit forward tuck [0] – could use more speed
straight line step sequence [-1] – scratchy edges, quite poor speed and flow
2axel(slightly scratchy landing) into 2axel [0]
flying camel to coe to donut to upward catch [-2] – poor extension, slow

Shallow, scratchy edges, stiff upper body and weak lines. Not a lot of speed and flow. Pretty much no connection to the music. Spins and steps lacked speed.

He's been very consistent on the jumps this season but everything else is really lacking.

16. Martin RAPPE /GER/
Prince of Persia (soundtrack)
King Arthur (soundtrack)

3flip/3toe [0] – not a lot of flow out
3lutz [1] – high and solid
3loop [0]
scratch butterflies to flying sit side twist [0]
3flip [1] – high and secure
2loop/2loop [0] – done in exactly the same spot as the triple
camel coe/jump to change camel to catch [0]
3salchow/2toe/2loop [1] – good flow between the three jumps
3toe [0]
2axel [1] – high and solid
straight line step sequence [0]
camel/sit to broken leg/up butt out/change camel/sit catch/up [0]

A fair amount of arm movements throughout but not delivered with a lot of attack and conviction. Quite basic choreography with a simple element layout. He lacked speed and ice coverage. Good jumping technique, though. He gets a lot of height on his jumps.

Yet another skater who is a solid jumper but really needs to work on his PCS.

17. UNO Shoma /JPN/
Steps by Secret Garden

2axel [0]
3loop/2toe [0]
sit pancake/jump to change sit side twist [0] – not a lot of speed
3flutz [0] – decent height and smooth landing but a change of edge
3flip [0]
3loop [1] – solid landing with good flow out
circular step sequence [1] – very good upper body movement, decent edges
3flip/2toe/2toe [0]
flying camel to upward twist to upward catch to donut [0] – extensions and speed could improve
2axel/3toe [0]
3salchow [0]
camel/sit forward tuck/change up var to cross-foot [1] – good positions and rotation speed

Great use of arms throughout, soft movements and a lot of expression. He's like a little Takahashi in the making.

More speed would be good to see but he is still really tiny and will surely develop more power in his skating post puberty given his edges are strong.

18. ZHANG He /CHN/
Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

3axel – underrotated over a quarter, fall [-3]
3flip [1] – good height, decent flow out
3lutz [1] – high and solid
sit cannonball to pancake/change sit var coe/jump to sit var to side twist(very original position but doesn't have a lot of speed in it) [0]
3loop [0]
scratch butterfly to flying camel to upward twist coe to donut [-1] – shaky landing followed by slight off-centering, not a lot of speed
3flip(strong)/3toe(poor running edge) [0]
3lutz/2toe [1]
straight line step sequence [0]
3salchow [0]
2axel/2toe [1] – high and solid
camel/sit side twist/change up butt out to up [1] – quite good positions and rotation speed

Good basics but the choreography was a little lackluster and didn't manage to bring his charisma out as well as in the Short Program. Which was a shame because he is capable of presenting his programs really well and he had all the ingredients. Timing was quite good and there were some nice arm movements in the second half but overall the choroegraphy was slightly lacking.

Good jump technique. He gets a lot of elevation and most of the landings had good speed and flow out.

19. Alexander SAMARIN /RUS/
Admiral (soundtrack) by Ruslan Muratov, Gleb Matveichuck

3lutz/3toe [1] – solid, good flow out
3lutz [1] – good height, secure landing
3flip [1] – smooth landing again
scratch butterfly into flying camel to donut to upward catch [1] – quite good flow and rotation speed
3loop [0] – a little over the toe coming out
3flip/2toe [1] – good elevation, solid landings
2axel/2toe/2toe [0] – a little cautious between the jumps
camel/up Y/change up butt out/sit catch [1] – good positions
3salchow [-3] – step out with hands down
2axel – solid [1]
sit cannonball coe/jump to change sit side twist(original position, good extension) [1]
straight line step sequence [1] – good edges

He has good edges but rounds his shoulders slightly and lacks expression. Choreography was quite generic and didn't have a lot of character. Very impressive technical elements, however. Almost everything he did was of really high quality.

20. JIN Boyang /CHN/
Charlie Chaplin Medley

4toe [-2] - overrotated
3toe [-3] – underrotated over a quarter, two-footed ('popped' quad attempt)
3lutz/3toe [0] – tight landings
circular step sequence [0]
sit to side twist/change sit broken leg to forward bend [-1] – good rotation speed but off-centred throughout
3axel/2toe/2loop [1] – good flow throughout
3loop [1] – solid
3lutz [0] – high but over the toe on the landing
3flip [1] – solid, decent running edge
steps to 3salchow/2toe [-1] – weak landings
scratch butterflies to flying camel sideways twist to donut [0] – decent rotation speed but poor extension
camel/sit var to coe(a little off-centred)/up var/change camel/sit pancake/up [1] – good positions and rotation speed

His speed and flow over the ice weren't bad but he needed a lot of scraped cross-overs in order to maintain it. There were quite a lot of arm movements throughout but they were unfinished, not extended well and it all looked very rushed. There wasn't much purpose to it either. The choreography was quite generic and it didn't really bring the Charlie Chaplin theme out well at all.

21. Michael Christian MARTINEZ /PHI/
Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona

3axel/2toe [0]
3axel [0] – good height but not a lot of flow out on both axels
charlotte to steps towards 3lutz [1]
scratch butterfly to flying camel upward twist to donut/change sit broken leg/up var [0]
straight line step sequence [0]
3loop [0] – not a lot of speed out
3flip [0]
3loop(weak landing)/1toe/2toe [-1]
cantilever towards 3toe/2toe [0]
flying sit var/jump sit side twist to pancake(slow) [-1]
3salchow [-2] – hand down, turnout
camel/sit var/up Y/change up biellmann [1] – good rotation speed

His basics aren't yet at the level of the top skaters. Posture and lines were a little weak and he didn't get a lot of speed and flow. The choreography featured some impressive highlight moves that he executed well (charlotte, spread eagle, cantilever, amongst others) but I don't think it was a good music choice for him. His upper body movement wasn't sharp and staccato enough.

22. Shotaro OMORI /USA/
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninov

3flip [1] – solid, good speed and flow out
3axel(landing a tiny bit over the toe)/2toe [0]
3lutz [0]
straight line step sequence [0]
flying camel to upward twist/sit/up cross-foot [0]
3axel [-2] – overrotated
three-turns into 3loop [-1] – foot down quickly
3lutz/3toe [1] – soft landings with smooth running edge
camel/up L/change sit/jump to sit broken leg [0]
3salchow/2toe/2loop [0]
2axel [0]
sit cannonball to coe/jump to sit to pancake [0]

Quite good posture and lines, elegant movement throughout. He knows how to use his arms, down to the flicks of the wrists.

23. Joshua FARRIS /USA/
Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, op. 18 III: Allegro Scherzando by Van Cliburn, Fritz Reiner

3axel/3toe [0] – decent height and solid landings but not a lot of flow out
4toe [-3] – fell and slided into the boards
3lutz/2toe [1] – quite effortless
sit to cannonball/change sit broken leg to pancake [0] – could use more speed
straight line step sequence [1] – good edges
scratch butterflies into flying camel to donut to upward catch [0] – rotation speed decent but poor extension
3axel [1] – high, good speed out
steps towards 3lutz [1] – good height, solid landing
3lip/2toe/2loop [-1] – good flow throughout but clearly off an outside edge
ina bauer towards 3loop [1] – solid, good flow out
3salchow [0]
camel coe(good extension)/up butt out (poor extension)/change sit to var/up L [1] – good flow and rotation speed

Strong edges and very good speed throughout. His posture and lines are quite good and he did move his arms a fair amount throughout. But whilst he did seem to move in time to the music, the choreography didn't have a lot of character and he could have shown a little more attack and conviction on his movements.

He gets very impressive elevation on his jumps.

24. Jason BROWN /USA/
Liebestraum by Franz Liszt

2axel [1] – high, good flow out
3axel/2toe [0] – not a lot of flow out
3axel [1] – high and solid
camel to catch/change sit var/jump to sit var [1] – good positions and rotation speed
2axel [1] – light and solid, good speed out
3loop [1] – likewise
Y spiral towards 3lutz [1] – soft landing
camel to upward twist coe/change camel upward catch [2] – very good positions and rotation speed
steps towards 3lutz/3toe [0] – not a lot of flow out
straight line step sequence [1] – good edges and flow
3flip/half-loop/3salchow [1] – good flow throughout
camel/sit leg behind/up/change camel/sit var [1] – good positions, quite good rotation speed

Good flow throughout, stunning posture and lines, great attention to detail in the choreography. He used his whole body to interpret the music and his movement was appopriately soft and languid to fit its character. The program featured a fair amount of transitions as well and technical elements were executed to a very high standard.