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Thread: Arakawa Interviews Takahashi (translated)

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    Here is the full version of Friends+ (not NHK documentary, sorry) aired last night:

    Unfortunately its uploader says this will be gone in a day or two, and all in Japanese but you can see the latest Shizuka + Dai.
    This user doesn't give such a warning :
    part 1:
    part 2:
    part 3:
    part 4:

    @yoko71 did rather brief twitter translation:

    Shizuka: It’s a great time! (then she introduces dai “today, we have this skater who requires no intro……. THIS GUY!”

    Dai “Yes my face is ~loud and you would feel like my face is right by you even when I’m not right there. I’d like to continue on this year with this ~loud face. LOLLL”

    (then some flashback from last few years of Friends+ )

    Shi: “What have changed? Hmm. He’s become a lot stronger, mentally. What hasn’t changed? Hmm. The way he’s always like everyone’s little bro. You know, the way he’s being cute off ice while being totes different on ice.”

    Shi: “how was your season so far? You’ve been pacing thru the season as a veteran that you are?”

    Dai: “I don’t feel like a veteran this year. Last season, I paced myself, but this year, I’m going all out, esp. since that’s really the only way I could stay competitive with the younger skaters.”

    Shi: “I can see that it’s hard work staying competitive in men’s field now.”

    Dai: ” yeah, but it brings out the competitor in me for sure! That’s a good thing. A lot of times Japanese men end up warming up at the same time even at shows. Then it becomes like a jump battle. Then I’m like THIS UNCLE ISNT GONNA GET OUTDONE DAMN IT.”

    Shi: “Lolll you aren’t old! You can’t call yourself uncle in front of me.”

    Dai: “my apology. Well, I look around other sports and see athletes in their primes in their 30’s. So I’m still on my way up, actually! I heard Asian men’s physical peak is at 28. So I’m not there yet.”

    Dai monologue “Mentally, I’m the same me as I have been. Sochi getting closer hasn’t changed me.” “Physically, I’m trying my best to condition myself as well as I can try. I try lots of different things, ballet, stretch, etc.”

    Shi & Dai: “FS at Nats was very special.”

    Dai: “It felt like I was boiling inside. After Yuzuru drew the last spot, I thought I better get the spot right before Yuzu, then I looked at my number and saw I got the 1st spot. I was like Ughhhhh. I really wanted to win. Now that I look back, it worked out okay, tho.”

    Shi: I have never seen Takahashi Daisuke finishing with his eyes that wide open.”

    Dai: “IKR? I saw on a vid later and was shocked myself!”

    Shi: “You looked like you were in trance for a while after the ending. It was awesome.”

    Dai: “Usually, I try to communicate and interact with the audience when I skate, but this time, it was all about me and my self on ice.”

    (A break - Dai shows off his hipster self.)

    Shi impersonates how the aunties were watching thru each jump.

    Dai: “I heard screams for all the guys during the 6 min. Sounded like the fans were trying to outdo each other with their cheers.”

    Shi: “Cheers at nats are special!”

    (Then some skating footage.)

    Shi: “What type of music do you get into?”

    Dai: “This year’s SP music is difficult to get into. Classic is easier. Blues? I thought it’d be hard but then I totes got into it. I thought I’d hate it after listening to it over and over, but turns out, I loved it more. You know? I don’t really ~understand blues. But I did my own interpretation, and it worked out. So now, I just do my own interpretation no matter what.” “Now that I’m nearing the end of my career, I really wanna nail the music.”

    Shi: “So what if you start hating a piece of music as you skate it during the season?”

    Dai: “Then I’d change it. I wouldn’t be able to perform it well if I’m not fully in love with it. I know some people questioned this year’s FS music, but I’ve seen Shae Lynn nail it and have loved it.” (Shizuka changed both short and free a month before Oly.)

    Shi: “It’s like someone up high gifted me with the pieces right before Oly. It just had to happen.”

    Dai: “It seems like Tourandot always happened for you when you are at your turning point.”

    Shi: “What do you wanna do at Sochi?”

    Dai: “Not sure yet. I def wanna skate to a piece of music I love.”

    (Yamako break)

    Dai: “I really wanna skate to a music I love. But also, I want to win, so I gotta find something that can get the audience on my side.”

    Shi: “Was it good that you got to skate at Sochi already?”

    Dai: “yeah it was good. But you know, I never skated at Vancouver before Oly. But the moment I stepped into the venue, I loved it. I loved Sochi, too. It felt soft, and round. And it’s blue. I like blue. I’m thinking about what costume would go well with blue.” “I wonder what the athletes’ village will be like. Vancouver was great. Tourin was not so. It was like a survival.”

    Shi: “No elevator, no bath tub, or no shower curtain.”

    Dai: “You are quite a survivor, doing well under such a condition!”

    Shi: “You’d have retired if Worlds was in Japan and had done well.”

    Dai: “Yup. Instead, I did miserably in Moscow, the same place I did miserably in 2005. That got me fired up. I didn’t want it to end like that. I’m having fun, compared to what it was like after Worlds.”

    Shi: “What about AFTER Sochi?”

    Dai: “No freakin way. What about you, Shi?”

    Shi: “Not even possible. LOL.”

    Dai: “I started to accept my physical conditions as they are. If I’m having a bad day at training, I just accept it and think about having a better day tomorrow.”

    Shi: “you are maturing in a good way, mentally!”

    (Puppy break)

    Shi: Boys all have got it. It must be hard trying to remain competitive!”

    Dai: “Yup it’s hard. Yonkaiten and all.”

    Shi: “It was hard adjusting to the new rules that came upon me right before retiring.”

    Dai: “Yeah, I’m glad the rule change happened to me before I got too old.”

    Shi: “What about Yuzu getting so good so fast?”

    Dai: “He is awesome. Always on the offense.”

    Shi: It’s just like young Mao moving up the ranks fast when I was competing at the top.”

    Shi: “Takeshi had no rival. If he were competing now with all the rivals, he’d be even greater.”

    Dai: “I’m where I am because of the younger competitors.” “I don’t think I’d have been able to jump 2 quads in a program if I didn’t have the rivals.”

    (Dancer Takahashi)

    Dai: “I wonder if I were dancing if I weren’t skating in this era.”

    Shi: “yah you would. You get on a chair & dance at karaoke!”

    A voice: “How do you dance on a chair? Can you show us here?”

    Dai: “No I can’t do that unless I’m drunk.”

    Shi: Akko says you act all ~senpai and ~elder at her when you’re drunk.”

    Dai: “lolll yah, Ryuju says that too right?”

    Shi: When you’re not around, Taka tries.”

    Dai: “LOL ~boys.”

    Voice: “What do you sing at Karaoke?”

    Dai: “Oh I never go to Karaoke (yeah right) but If I were to go, I like Tohoshinki.”

    Voice: “What about Shizuka?”

    Dai: Hmm, what was it? Oh yeah she sang 桃色片思い. Hehe.”

    (evan break)

    Dai: “I’m about to be 27. A few years older than you retired.”

    Shi: “It’s a good time to be an older athlete now. You get a lot more support.”

    Shi: “It wasn’t like that when I was skating. I looked for a job, even worked part time.”

    Dai: “I’ve never had a regular job. I feel so sheltered! I want to work a ~regular job at least once! But LOL I probably can’t do that.”

    Dai: “I think I’m gonna get fat after retiring. I love fatty food.”

    Shi: “I thought I would, but I didn’t. But maybe because I never really lived a stoic athlete’s life.”

    Dai’s monologue: “If I’m allowed to go to Oly, I will finally realize this is the end eventually. I wonder what that feels like.”

    (Shae lynn break)

    Dai: “We are opposite, yet we’re pursuing the same goal. I’m glad I got to see you at the end of your competitive career. You were great.”

    Shi: “Is there anything you know you gotta do during the next year? and what about anything you know you can’t do?”

    Dai: Yontaiten. I gotta do them. But also I wanna make my spins and steps far more accurate.”

    Shi: “You’re pretty accurate.”

    Dai: “Niko says not good enuf”

    Shi: “He never says anything but not good enuf.”

    Dai: “Ballet. I want to continue Ballet after retirement.” “And things I don’t think I can complete in the next year? Hmm…”

    Shi: “I know, I know. An eagle!”

    Dai: “Of course I can master the eagle in the next year.”

    Shi: “Then what about Eagle -> Ina Bauer?”

    Dai: “Oh that may not happen. Not Ina Bauer.”


    Shi: “What do you like the most about skating now?”

    Dai: “The feeling when I finish a program in front of the audience. That’s it.”
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    Thanks so much for the translation!

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    Thank you so much!!!

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    Thanks for this! How lovely to read such an extensive interview.

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    Wow, I'm surprised at how good of a translation this is!

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