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Meryl Davis's freedance whole look is just beautiful.
I know i'm the minority but I love Mao's featherly white Swan dress
I love Meryl's dress! Maroon is a color that really complements her dark brown hair and translucent skin tone.

And I also love Mao's new swan outfit. I didn't at first when I saw it in a photograph---found it a bit OTT---but when I saw it in movement, I thought it was just perfect.

I generally like Elene Gedevanishvili and Haruka Imai's outfits any year. They either have very good taste themselves or have someone advising them with good aesthetic sense.

I also tend to like the design of Kiira Korpi's dresses every year but never the color. For me, it's always too dark or greyish or too bright, and never quite right for my taste.

Likewise for Yuna's outfits this season. The design is fine but the color tones are too drab.