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    Jenni Saarinen

    Finnish figure skater Jenni Saarinen was born 9 March 1999 in Espoo, Finland.

    Original Post

    Since Nicky Slater reckons that she is a star for the future, I thought I would get in early and start a fan thread for Jenni Saarinen!

    OK, so the fact that I have a specific question I want to ask about her might have something to do with it too...

    Ever since I saw Jenni’s name on the entry list for the 2013 Junior Worlds, I have been wondering something:

    Does anybody know if Jenni is in any way related to the (still much-missed) Finnish motorbike racer Jarno Saarinen?

    Jarno Saarinen was the 250cc World Champion in 1972, and is still the only Finn to win a tarmac motorcycle world championship. But he died the following year in a crash during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

    As I wasn’t born until 12 years after his accident, I don’t know anything about Jarno’s family. So, I don’t know if he managed to have any children, or if he had any siblings, that Jenni might be descended from.

    Now, I know from her ISU Bio that Jenni is originally from Espoo, while Jarno was from Turku. Although the 2 towns are 100 miles apart, that is not much in a country as large as Finland. So, it might be possible that they are related in some way.

    On the other hand, in a country with as small a population as Finland’s, it is possible that Saarinen is a very common surname! So, it might be just coincidence.

    I just don’t know enough about Finland to judge whether it is plausible.

    So, can anybody shed any light on the matter?

    Before I go, may I just congratulate Jenni on her results in Junior Worlds. She was the youngest girl in the competition, so to finish 14th overall out of such a big field was brilliant! Considering she is so young, her performances in both the Short (19th/45) and the Free (13th/24) were very impressive.

    OK, so she is not yet in the same league as Elena Radionova or Annabelle Prölß, who were born in the same year but are already big stars. But the potential is there...


    Update: June 2015


    Jenni Saarinen was born in Espoo, Finland, in March 1999. She is managed by 2009 European Champion Laura Lepistö, who was also born in Espoo.

    Jenni has been competing on the international circuit since the 2011-12 season, when she was competing at Advanced Novice level. In December 2011, she finished a credible 4th in her international debut at the NRW Trophy in Germany. In February 2012, she won her first international medal when she won the silver at the Nordic Championships, held that year in Finland. And then, a month later, Jenni came back from 5th in the SP to win her first international gold medal at the Coupe du Printemps in Luxembourg.

    She moved up to Junior level in the 2012-13 season, and instantly made her mark by winning the gold at the Ice Star in Minsk. This was followed by a bronze at the Coupe de Nice, a gold at the Finnish Championships, and a gold at the Nordic Championships. Towards the end of the season, Jenni made her debut at the Junior World Championships in Italy, where she finished 14th.

    The 2013-14 was to be even more successful. At the start of the season, Jenni appeared at 2 Junior Grand Prix events. She was 4th in the SP at the Baltic Cup, and 6th in the SP at Czech Skate. Unfortunately, multiple falls in the Free Skates at both events dropped her down the order. But, she still managed to finish in the top 10 overall at both events.

    She quickly bounced back from any disappointment, though, by having a clean sweep of 1st places at the Finnish Championships, followed by a gold in one of the Junior competitions at the Bavarian Open, and then another clean sweep of 1st places at the Nordic Championships (where she also achieved her international PB). She also improved her overall position at Junior Worlds, finishing 13th.

    This season (2014-15) has been a transitional year for Jenni, as she has been competing in Junior and Senior events.

    At the start of the season, she finished 9th in both her Junior Grand Prix appearances. She was actually 3rd in the SP at the Japanese round, but any chances of a podium were undone by FOUR falls in the FS.

    But, she quickly bounced back in the senior competitions that followed, with 5th at the Finlandia, a bronze at the Volvo Open in Latvia, and a silver at the Finnish Championships. Significantly, she was 1st in the SP at the Volvo Open, and only Kiira Korpi was above her in all the results tables at Nationals. Returning to Juniors, she finished 4th at the EYOF in Austria, and then repeated her 13th position from the previous season at Junior Worlds (albeit with a lower score).

    Finally, Jenni capped off the season by winning her first senior gold medal at the Nordics. The interesting thing to note here is that she did not win either segment – she was 2nd in both the SP and the FS. But, it was different skaters that won each segment. So, it was actually Jenni’s consistency that won her the competition.

    If Jenni can continue to be consistent like this, rather than having wildly different positions in each segment (like she has done at every Junior Grand Prix she has competed at), then we have the makings of a very good skater.

    And having Laura Lepistö in her corner will be a great help for Jenni.

    Over the past decade, Kiira Korpi and Laura Lepistö have had a lot of success. But despite this, things were looking very worrying for Finnish Skating as, for a long time there, it looked like there was nobody to succeed them.

    Well, there is now!

    Biographical Info

    ISU Bio:

    FFSA Bio:

    Stats On Ice Bio: Bio:



    Social Media



    2014-15 Season
    SP: “Flamenco” by Ikuko Kawai
    FS: “El Falso Delphos”, “L'Atelier”, “Nas Ruas De Lisboa”, and “Una Maquina De Escribir” (all from “El Tiempo Entre Costuras”) by Cesar Benito

    2013-14 Season
    SP: “Flamenco” by Ikuko Kawai
    FS: “Solitary Hill”, “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel, and “Wind”

    2012-13 Season
    SP: “To The Fair” (from “Beauty And The Beast”) by Alan Menken, and “The Euphorium” (from “Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium”) by Alexandre Desplat
    FS: “Pop Quiz And The Time Machine Montage” by Danny Elfman, and “Fairytale”
    by Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell

    2011-12 Season

    Personal Best Scores


    Date Competition Score
    Short Programme 04 February 2015 ISU World Junior Championships 55.43
    Free Skate 30 August 2014 ISU Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana Cup 93.11
    Overall 02–05 Oct. 2013 ISU Junior Grand Prix Czech Skate 142.98


    Date Competition Score
    Short Programme 27 February 2014 Nordic Championships (Junior) 51.89
    Free Skate 15 February 2015 Nordic Championships 95.98
    Overall 11–15 Feb. 2015 Nordic Championships 146.07


    Date Competition Score
    Short Programme 14 December 2013 Finnish Junior Championships 57.17
    Free Skate 21 December 2014 Finnish Championships 104.19
    Overall 19–21 Dec. 2014 Finnish Championships 157.00

    Competitive History

    Date Competition SP FS Overall
    Pos Score Pos Score Pos Score
    201415 Season
    11–15 Feb. 2015 Nordic Championships 2 50.09 2 95.98 1 146.07
    03–08 Feb. 2015 ISU World Junior Championships 8 55.43 15 84.07 13 139.50
    25–30 Jan. 2015 Winter European Youth Olympic Festival 8 43.69 3 85.24 4 128.93
    19–21 Dec. 2014 Finnish Championships 2 52.81 2 104.19 2 157.00
    05–09 Nov. 2014 Volvo Open Cup 1 50.05 4 91.25 3 141.30
    09 – 12 Oct. 2014 Finlandia Trophy 6 48.55 4 95.61 5 144.16
    10–14 Sep. 2014 ISU Junior Grand Prix Nagoya TV Cup 3 55.20 12 74.24 9 129.44
    27–30 Aug. 2014 ISU Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana Cup 10 43.21 6 93.11 9 136.32
    201314 Season
    10–16 Mar. 2014 ISU World Junior Championships 8 53.76 13 87.26 13 141.02
    27 Feb. – 02 Mar. 2014 Nordic Championships (Junior) 1 51.89 1 97.89 1 149.78
    29 Jan. – 02 Feb. 2014 Bavarian Open (Junior Ladies I) 2 45.32 1 90.82 1 136.14
    13–15 Dec. 2013 Finnish Junior Championships 1 57.17 1 96.91 1 154.08
    02–05 Oct. 2013 ISU Junior Grand Prix Czech Skate 6 54.98 11 88.00 7 142.98
    18–21 Sep. 2013 ISU Junior Grand Prix Baltic Cup 4 46.85 11 70.78 10 117.63
    201213 Season
    25 Feb. – 03 Mar. 2013 ISU World Junior Championships 19 44.95 13 84.86 14 129.81
    31 Jan. – 03 Feb. 2013 Nordic Championships (Junior) 2 46.30 1 88.95 1 135.25
    19–21 Dec. 2012 Finnish Junior Championships 2 44.95 1 93.69 1 138.64
    24–28 Oct. 2012 Coupe de Nice (Junior) 4 45.01 3 87.09 3 132.10
    Oct. 2012 Finnish Junior Championships 1st Qualifying 42.64 51.05 2 93.69
    07–09 Sep. 2012 Ice Star (Junior) 2 44.24 1 84.37 1 128.61
    201112 Season
    16–18 Mar. 2012 Coupe du Printemps (Novice) 5 32.97 1 66.48 1 99.45
    09–12 Feb. 2012 Nordic Championships (Novice) 3 36.33 2 64.12 2 100.45
    Jan. 2012 Finnish Junior Championships 2nd Qualifying
    29 Nov. – 04 Dec. 2011 NRW Trophy (Novice) 4 40.05 5 59.70 4 99.75
    201011 Season
    26 Feb. 2011 Tampere Competition 2
    06 Dec. 2010 Santa Claus Competition 2


    201415 Season

    6th March 2015: Junior World Championships FS (No Commentary)

    21st December 2014: Finnish Championships FS (No Commentary)
    20th December 2014: Finnish Championships SP (No Commentary)

    11th October 2014: Finlandia Trophy FS (No Commentary)
    10th October 2014: Finlandia Trophy SP (No Commentary)

    13th September 2014: Nagoya TV Cup FS (No Commentary)
    12th September 2014: Nagoya TV Cup SP (No Commentary)

    30th August 2014: Ljubljana Cup FS (No Commentary)
    28th August 2014: Ljubljana Cup SP (No Commentary)

    201314 Season

    16th March 2014: Junior World Championships FS (No Commentary)
    14th March 2014: Junior World Championships SP (No Commentary)

    15th December 2013: Finnish Championships FS (No Commentary)

    5th October 2013: Czech Skate FS (No Commentary)
    3rd October 2013: Czech Skate SP (No Commentary)

    20th September 2013: Baltic Cup FS (No Commentary)
    19th September 2013: Baltic Cup SP (No Commentary)

    201213 Season

    1st March 2013: Junior World Championships FS (British Commentary)

    1st February 2013: Nordic Championships SP (No Commentary)

    October 2012: Finnish Championships 1st Qualifying FS (No Commentary)
    October 2012: Finnish Championships 1st Qualifying SP (No Commentary)

    September 2012: Ice Star FS (No Commentary)
    September 2012: Ice Star FS (No Commentary)

    201112 Season

    11th February 2012: Nordic Championships FS (No Commentary)
    11th February 2012: Nordic Championships FS (No Commentary)
    9th February 2012: Nordic Championships SP (No Commentary)

    January 2012: Finnish Championships 2nd Qualifying FS (No Commentary)

    1st December 2011: NRW Trophy FS (No Commentary)
    30th November 2011: NRW Trophy SP (No Commentary)

    201011 Season

    12th March 2011: Finnish Championships SP (No Commentary)

    26th February 2011: Tampere Competition (No Commentary)

    6th December 2010: Santa Claus Competition FS (No Commentary)

    Other Videos

    8th June 2015: Triple lutz combo Jenni Saarinen (performlive)

    21st December 2014: Kiira Korpi, Jenni Saarinen ja Viveca Lindfors SM-taitoluistelun mitalihaastattelussa (Skating Finland) [Interview with podium finishers in Finnish Championships]

    16th November 2014: Jenni Saarisen haastattelu, 2. SM-valintakilpailu, Tikkurila, Vantaa (HSK - Helsingfors Skridskoklubb rf - Helsingin Luistinklubi ry) [Interview with Jenni after Volvo Open]

    3rd November 2014: Finlandia Trophy Espoo 2014 Jenni Saarinen Interview (Skating Finland)

    11th February 2012: Jenni Saarinen won silver medal in Novice Girls in Nordic Championships at Vantaa (Valo Mediapalvelu)

    Articles And Video Interviews

    15th February 2015: “Jenni Saarinen of Finland wins the Senior Ladies” (Nordics 2015)

    21st December 2014: “Kiira Korpi Suomen mestariksi” (Kokkolan Taitoluistelijat)

    6th November 2014: “Nuori suomalaisurheilija ei hätkähtänyt varustekommellusta” (Ilta Sanomat)

    November 2014: “Jenni Saarinen ja Petra Laakkonen pronssimitaleille Riikassa!” (Tappara Taitoluistelu)

    10th October 2014: “15-vuotiaat lupaukset väläyttivät Finlandia Trophyssa” (Kainuun Sanomat)

    15th March 2014: “Tapparan Jenni Saarinen luistelee kahdeksantena – luisteli sormi verisenä” (Aamulehti)

    21st November 2013: “Tauko ei lannistanut Jenni Saarista” (juniori TAPPARALAINEN)

    30th September 2012: “Jenni Saarinen säihkyi junioreiden ykköstähtenä” (Hämeen Sanomat)
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