World Championships will qualify 16 entries to the Olympics Games. Four other countries will get a spot at Nebelhorn Trophy.
Now, at Worlds some countries will get 3 spots, some will get 2. What happens if the sum of multiple spots is higher than 16?

Let's consider a ranking like this:

1 - S/S (GER)
2 - V/T (RUS)
3 - D/R (CAN)
4 - B/L (RUS)
5 - MT/M (CAN)
6 - P/T (CHN)
7 - S/H (CHN)
8 - C/S (USA)
9 - B/H (ITA)
10 - J/C (FRA)
11 - K/S (RUS)
12 - V/VC (GER)
13 - P/Z (CHN)
14 - S/K (USA)
15 - K/K (GBR)
16 - DM/G (ITA)

We have 3 spots for GER, RUS, CAN, CHN, 2 spots for USA, ITA, FRA.
18 total spots are assigned to countries with multiple spots for 2014 Worlds.

In such a case, only two countries will gain their olympic berth at Nebelhorn? Or some multiple Olympic entries will be cut off?
There is almost no doubt JPN and GBR will qualify at Nebelhorn; their spots could be the only two remaining.

On the other hand, no less than 14 spots will go to coutries with multiple entries.
CAN and RUS will get almost certainly 3 spots. GER and CHN could manage only 2. USA and ITA will comfortably get 2 spots each one. It's 14 so far. FRA could leave London with only a spot, and unlikely GBR will climb the rankings up to the top 10, but now K/K would have their Olympic spot alredy ensured.
JPN almost certainly, and three other countries will gain in Oberstdorf their ticket to Sochi.