Since I just posted the transcript for their Piers Morgan interview, I just thought I would let you know that Torvill and Dean were on ITV's breakfast TV programme "Daybreak" on Tuesday (21st May 2013), and they announced that the 2014 series of "Dancing On Ice" would be the last.

Here is a link to the story on the "Daybreak" website:

The page on the "Daybreak" website also includes a video, but I am not sure if it is geo-blocked.

And here is a link to the official announcement on the "Dancing On Ice" website:

Here is a link to the story on the Daily Telegraph newspaper's website:

And here is a SHORT video on YouTube of the part of the interview where Jayne and Chris made the announcement:

I have never watched "Dancing On Ice", but it will be a shame to see Skating leave mainstream TV in the UK. Two former skaters summed up the impact of the show perfectly in their contibutions to "Life Stories":

Matt Evers It thrust ice skating into mainstream here in the UK.
Karen Barber Millions of people were going skating. Ice rinks were built on the back of the success of “Dancing On Ice”.

I hope I am wrong, but I suspect that Figure Skating will return to being an obscure sport to the UK public once "Dancing On Ice" ends.