Just got a call from my Hotel in London, the Quality Inn and Suites....They had a water pipe break and it flooded two floors.
They have moved us all over to a Quality Inn 25 miles away in Woodbury, I think. They told me they have checked and
there are no hotel rooms available in London or they would move us to another local hotel. Fortunately, I have two friends staying at a hotel two blocks away from the
Quality inn and they have a suite, so I can crash on their couch for the first night, Saturday. Quality Inn suites says it is too early to know
when they will be back in operation...could be Sunday...could be a week from Sunday. I asked if they were going to provide a shuttle from
the substitute hotel to the Arena/old hotel/whatever. They dont know yet. I have no idea how I would get from the Airport to Woodbury.
I have no idea if there is any sort of mass transportation from Woodbury
to London.
It is my hope that Corporate steps up to the plate, and makes things happen. It would also be nice if London steps up to the plate and sees what it can do to find rooms....
I am sure most of us stranded people wouldn't care if there was an out of service room somewhere that is usable...like with a bad TV or something minor...
I feel sorry for the Local Quality Inn but IMHO it is time for Corporate to step up. It would be nice if the other hotels could see what they can do to take stranded folk.