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What does Plushenko have to do with it?
I guess the writer was comparing Plushenko’s outburst (tantrum) after losing gold at the 2010 OWG to the measured response (no tantrum) always given by Davis & White especially when they lose (2009 Worlds, 2012 Worlds). The headline was intended to grab attention although a bit misleading as Mathman suggests. Don’t know Ms. Sarkar, but I don’t see why Reuters wouldn’t print the article. Apparently Ms. Sarkar was at Worlds in Nice and related what others there felt was a wrong decision. USFS had nothing to do with specifically commissioning the article. It routinely offers teleconferences to accredited media with its leading competitors prior to major skating events. So does Skate Canada. I doubt that IMG (Davis & White's) agent had anything to do with the headline or the article.