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Thread: "Contest for Sochi skating medals begins at worlds" (Mar 9, AP)

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    "Contest for Sochi skating medals begins at worlds" (Mar 9, AP)

    Contest for Sochi skating medals begins at worlds
    By Nancy Armour (AP)
    Mar. 9 12:01 AM EST

    Includes quotes from Sarah Hughes, Lipinksi, Charlie White, Lysacek.

    (BTW, the New York Times website is using a shorter version of the full AP story.

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    Good advice from the experts. A good top five finish at worlds the year before an OL can certainly give a confidence boost. But remember athletes *Carpe diem' because you may not get another shot at the OL.

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    It is important to do what you plan at the Olympics in 2014 at 2013 worlds. Lysacek changed nothing about his fs from march 2009 to February 2010. Never changed his fs except for us nationals where he tried a quad and got no points. So from March 2009 to February 2010 in front of international nudges he always did the same program. The protocol sheets come in handy- too many 6.0 people in the article. With quads disappearing from skating and his main competition Patrick chan - also not Doing any quads it was good strategy to never change anything. Plushenko did show up but did not maximize cop from in his COr performance in 2009 showing that he didn't know doing quads was a mistake.

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