K&P were one of those teams that I enjoyed more on TV than in real life, with the exception of their great 1987 OSP (the one that spawned the Golden Waltz.

Furthermore, despite nice technique, they didn't manage a lot of emotional range or project beyond the boards, even when doing their 1992 program (which I saw at Worlds that year live.) You have no idea how much the audience did not get into the 1992 Worlds ice dance in Oakland. R&K were one of the few high spots (the Duchesnays did not compete). People left saying they deserved to win, but man was that boring, something I never would have expected, having been thrilled by their Olympic performance on TV.

I can completely see why the Duchesnays beat them. I saw Missing I live at Halifax in 1990, and they were on another planet from K&P performance-wise, K&P were skating to My Fair Lady, AFAIR, which at the time just felt dated, rather than retro.