Yuna clearly has time to get her mojo back, do the difficult combos and get the best choreographers who packaged her-showed off her strengths, disregarded weakness. Before World results, would you bet your bottom dollar she would repeat as Oly Champion. Betting windows close before ladies skates begin. She's not my fave skater of past or present. I like her skating, innocent Yuna the philanthropist mucho. I love she could become anything in S Korea after skating is done. Poweful Asian female leaders with Yuna's good heart are so needed-there and here. So I adore what I know of her persona. She for me has skating issues I dislike.

So while I would vote for skaters I prefer if they skate well in London (currently adore Caro's programs, like Mao's, like Ashley, want Akiko to get her due-two great programs), I see Yuna being able to rotate her 3x3's, having rep judging.and ability to comply with picky tech callers-perfect edges and rotation by next year. Her lack of a big time coach is an issue imo.

Several fitst timers will give up under Oly stress. Likely half these top 10 ladies will fall apart. Yuna has cooly done it once already- Oly gold. I hope others don't fall apart, but at least on TV I enjoy Ashley now and love the new Caro.Will they melt in Olympics? Russian babies all interesting but? Pressures to podium in homeland at first Oly games. Mao and Caro are Oly vets where quite cool. Even if I don't want Yuna to win (I just wanna see a newbie or past gold loser like mao or Caro get the golden goose. I see Akiko as amazing in every way. I'd love to see her win if deservedif she earn it), Love Akiko's programs this year.

I'd almost bet money on Yuna if injury were not always possible. Right now technically Mao has the superior layout, so she could beat Yuna at London, but I see Sochi as Yuna's to lose. She will match anyones game jumpwise by then or am I wrong? And her PCS will be inflated(shouldn't be). Other than her speed, ice coveragem huge 3x3's, I find many areas lacking. I preferred Joannie/Mao at times in those days. there are many reasons dozens counting other ladies, etc why yuna is a able to realistically tie Kat Witt's Olympic record.

But I really want to know if others would bet if they could - Something tells me she will again jump her way along with hi PCS to top spot. I'd like to hear from ubers ad non -ubers alike on their opinion. I bet Yuna will repeat as Oly Champion by 5 points. I don't see her clobbering Mao or Caro this time. She is a veteran who will fight harder for this crown than the first. Without benefit of 2013 world cup, I bet Yuna repeats. Everyone your thoughts?