noidont Boy howdy do I disagree with you - figure skating is a sport better watched on youtube than live? Not for me!!!!! I'd much rather be sitting in the arena, hearing the music over good speakers, watching it full-on instead of on a computer screen at the mercy of an amateur photographer! Cameras are not always able to keep up with the speed, either.

As far as chicken or egg, I have no answer. But I still stand behind my point that the USFSA does little or nothing to interest the public. The diehard fans will always follow the sport (and I'm old but have moved past the 6.0 era thank-you-very-much) When you could catch competitions on TV I think alot of people knew who Michelle Kwan was. Take a poll on the street and ask who Ashley Wagner is and I bet most of the time you're met with a "huh?" Canada's coverage is always better than ours. Someone commented that the CBC is streaming the competition. If you logon from the US you get a message that it's not available. If you subscribe to the Ice Network the presentation is jerky, the reception stinks, and it's not worth the $39.95 frustration.