Whoa, I saw the standings before the youtube videos and was shocked at the point spread! But DW definitely threw it down. Their SD is so charming and jaunty all the way through and this particular outing of it was probably the best all season. They skated like it was their home ice! The circular step just makes me want to weep--it's so sweeping and beautiful!

VM looked very blah today. I haven't quite "gotten" their SD all year long and I'm still puzzled. The best part is the rotational lift at the end. Marvelous! But I agree with what a couple of you have said... I think VM have to come up with better music and better programs. Their programs are frankly not that interesting this year and it's kind of an eyesore because they don't seem totally committed to the programs either.

And to fan the flames of earlier comments about the tech specialist, let it be known that only the Canadian teams got level 4s for both polka sequences. Yes, even Weaver/Poje all the way down in 6th! Haha... discuss!