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Lowest and highest scores don't count.

In any case, 4.75 sounds about right, generous even.

I mean their movement had hardly anything to do with the music, I wouldn't be that surprised if there was one gutsy judge who decided to reflect that with their scores.
I'm quiet sure that the 4,75 for IT was an accident. Look at the complete row of this single judge. He just gave 2s and 3s GOE. If the timing would have been that bad, he / she had had to reflect that in the GOE as well - and than the GOE must have been in minus. (I even guess that it was the US-judge, b'c the overall score of this judge was the highest for S/S.) I watched the program again. Maybe you right: Timing / Inpretation is not their biggest strength, especially they dont have many movements to catch all the fine nuances of the music. But the pattern dance part was well done in timing, the midline step sequ. was well done in the phrasing . So there was no reason to go down like that.