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Thread: Is it worth it to register in a seminar with Christy Krall ?

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    Is it worth it to register in a seminar with Christy Krall ?

    Hi everyone,

    I have received a special invitation as a coach to register for a seminar of Christy Krall (for 250$).

    Is it worth it?

    Considering that I already had a seminar with Tom Zakrajsek and Manon Perron in the past, Does Christy Krall could teach me a few things new and new technical guidance for jumps and spins?

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    I can't speak from personal experience, but my general belief and philosophy as a coach is the more you interact with other coaches, the better coach you'll be. Another coach can always teach you something different, even if it's only what doesn't work for you as a coach. So I'd say if you can afford to go you should because it can only help you improve as a coach.

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    I agree with silver blades, always worth it to attend, especially if there is an on ice component and there are lots of opportunities for discussion.

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    It's worth it

    She makes it easy to learn with her delivery. And everything is backed up with video or scientific explanations. Best presenter I've been to at a coaching seminar.

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    I have actually attended 3 Christy Krall Seminars and it has absolutely been worth it. I have even sent some of my students to Colorado Springs for a few weeks to work with her and other coaches their and it has been really beneficial.

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