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If Rochette returned, she would have no shot at a medal. This time the Olympics are being held in Russia, not Canada, and CoP has changed again since she left. Most of the ladies are regularly doing 3/3s and 2a+3t; Joannie tried but never got her 3f+3t attempts ratified in international competition.

And the clock is ticking. Sochi is now 10.5 months away. It's tough to go from years of exhibition programs to two competitive programs, particularly a FS with 7 jumping passes. If Joannie was really contemplating a return, she would have at least been doing some serious training and maybe an International B (as Kim did) to put a toe in the water.
True - Joannie struggled with the 3flip-3toe. But unlike the other top skaters, she could still do 7-triples in her skate (without edge calls), through the 3-3 sequences that she did or the 3toe-.5loop-3salchow. When she skated clean, she was a force to be reconked with.