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Russian single skaters are in the middle of a big transition with the kids they sent to Worlds this year. It says a lot about Men's skating in Russia when they send a untested Junior skater to Senior Worlds obviously the more Senior men are not very good. As for the Ladies this it there first Worlds as 16 year old's. They are not going to become contenders until after Sochi when they are more experienced and the older skaters finally retire.
Agreed.Ifeel a little sorry for the russian girls so much hype around them and in there first senior worlds they are responsable for the amount of oly spots for next year.Am sure Liza will pull up some spots she seems a tough little kid but you have to worry about Adelinas nerves holding up when she is the highest placed.Leanova doest seem to be in the right frame of mind to do much just hope she doesnt drop any further.