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Canadian conspiracy again? How would you explain D/R's medal in pairs'? Home-grown inflation? No, they won that medal fair and square--and deservedly so.

Kaetlyn (#4) skated a fantastic SP--she sold the hell out of that program and scored above Ashley (#5), who didn't have a 3-3, did a 3Lo for her single triple, and skated tentatively. #6-9 in the SP had definite noticeable flaws in their jumps. As for the LP, don't count your chickens before they hatch. There are a number of factors that could happen that would place Kaetlyn on or off the podium--without home-grown inflation.
Osmond will have pcs cushion skating in last Group so even with 2 errors I think podium for Osmond is not out of the question
Mao's jumps might be scrutinized and she seems worried with Yuna, Kanako will not stay 3rd in the FS for sure.
while not always, the rallying crowd will give Osmond and motivation giving enough boost and with Canadian Inflation her Lp can score a 130-140+ range