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Thread: Scott Moir’s uncle Paul skates to rescue of bladeless Belarussians (Mar 14, London Freep)

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    News Scott Moir’s uncle Paul skates to rescue of bladeless Belarussians (Mar 14, London Freep)

    Scott Moir’s uncle Paul skates to the rescue of bladeless Belarussians
    By Ryan Pyette, The London Free Press
    Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:41:37 EDT PM


    After a nightmare trip, Belarusian ice dancers Viktoria Kavaliova and Yurii Bieliaiev finally arrived at their first senior worlds in London on Wednesday morning.

    Their skates didn’t.

    Enter Ilderton’s Paul Moir, worlds volunteer, skate sharpener extraordinaire, and uncle of Olympic ice dance champion Scott. ...

    Bieliaiev is 6-foot-5. He takes a size 14. “We had a skater who’s doing on-ice security volunteering for us this week (Chatham native and former pairs skater Adam Johnson) and he took off his skates for the boy to try on,” Moir said. “They’re not dance blades but they fit him. They just had to be sharpened up.”

    Big Bieliaiev hasn’t used that type of skates since he was “five or six.”

    Still, it was a stroke of luck. Finding skates for Kavaliova, who takes size six-and-a-half, required a little more work. ...

    Sheri, another one of Moir’s daughters and a former senior-level ice dancer, offered up the skates she used when she was part of the Nexxice synchronized team powerhouse.

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    Now, that's a nice story. How great that Mr. Moir went to such lengths to locate skates, so these poor skaters weren't deprived of their time in the spotlight. I'm sure that the welcoming generosity of the Moirs and Adam Johnson gave the Belarus couple an extra boost of confidence and took the edge off their nerves.

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    How very, very nice of Paul & Sheri Moir!

    I am so furtious with airlines. Why the heck can't something like skates go into a locker away from the owner, but where the owner knows exactly where they are, and can pick them up while deplaning, if it is so necessary that their ability to be "weaponized" is so dreadful?

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