bekalc and Robeye - I totally see where you are both coming from and I personally think that quality should be rewarded over difficulty.

It's extremely difficult to strike the right balance, though. I would definitely support changes in this respect but very cautious ones so we don't end up with no risks being taken.

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And as for impossible to find a skater who gives everything cleanish programs, good spins, steps and jumps, quads. Well Ten provided us this. He wasn't perfect it wasn't the most beautiful performance I had ever seen. But it was a great all around skate. That's enough for me.
It was a really safe, bland, unimaginative, generic program though. Both SP and FS. He skated well and it flowed and it was pleasing to the eye but meh.

It goes both ways. If you want the judges to mark correctly and not overmark Chan just because he's Chan, then they should also mark Ten correctly and not mark him highly on things like TR and CH just because he skated well and landed his jumps.

And whilst people are saying Chan should have been trashed on PE for a performance that weak (which is true), Ten did not deserve very high PE either since he didn't extend his movements properly, didn't reflect the character of the music with his movement that well and didn't show a lot of projection or attack. It was all a little lukewarm.