Patrick Chans 'win' over Denis Ten has been almost universally slammed. Indeed, if such a result were to be repeated in next years Olympics where the sport will be more under the global microscope, it would be a scandal of 2002 proportions, and it would probably be the final nail in the coffin for the sport as it were

In this article, Christine Brennen writes:-

Chan fell twice and made sloppy errors on two other jumps, but otherwise was given the world title over Ten who performed far better and should have won...Chanflation was back in full force, with too generous PCS.
Phil Hersh also weighed in with this article. He wrote:-

[Chan's] performance...wasn't much to write home about...Unless...someone wanted to add a chapter to the voluminous history of ridiculously unjustifiable judging in figure skating. A dose of home-cooked "Chanflation" allowed the Canadian to win his third straight men's world title.

The time has come to get rid of what has become a totally discredited judging system that is ruining the sport.