A recent topic here about the judging system got me thinking about the importance of the Quad jump in the men's discipline. I watched as talented skater after talented skater was subdued by the elusive quad. So many great male skaters are sacrificing other elelments of their programs to land a quad. In fact, I believe the quad even caused Patrick Chan to deliver a flawed long program because he was so focused on landing the quad at the beginning of his program. Even Keven Reynolds, Canada's new "Quad King" struggled in his long program with some of his jumps other than the quad. It always strikes me odd that so many male skaters can pull off two or three quads and yet can't get the triple axel under their belts consistently. Brian Orser could do a triple axel in his sleep. Perhaps it is time the Quad jump becomes less important and quality skating becomes more important. I would rather watch a really talented skater do triple and double jumps and deliver a near flawless if not flawless performance over an extra rotation. Just thnking!!