No way. Are you talking about quad de-emphasis because Chan's two quads, contributed to his victory. Or because Daisuke isn't landing them consistently anymore?

The quad is as necessary as the 3-3 in women's if the sport is to progress forward. Why not de-emphasize the triple-triple so that Wagner and Asada don't have to worry about Kim/Russian babies/etc.?

The quad also gives a chance to skaters who would otherwise never catch up to "top"/"favourite" skaters that get a putative PCS cushion. You think Reynolds would have won 4CC had he not done 3 quads? Denis Ten wouldn't have been in second after the SP if he had done a 3A instead of a quad. It's happened before (him skating a clean SP with 3A, 3F-3T, solo 3) and he hasn't scored nearly as high. Javier Fernandez wouldn't have pulled up to third.

As for Poodlepal's argument about Plushenko/Yagudin doing "all three", they never had to do even half the choreography, spins, transitions and footwork in the years they dominated and could focus on jump consistency. Chan's first fall on his lutz was partially due to the step he did before, when in the days of Plushenko/Yagudin, you could go off a long setup. And let's not forget Chan has skated cleanly at the Worlds, in two SPs and one LP, while incorporating the quad. Fernandez and Reynolds have also delivered strong FS with 3 quads, proving you don't have to be a Goebel (all quads only) to put out a successful free.

The quad is probably more important now than ever. I'm not saying somebody should win because of it, but it should be separating the big boys from the also-rans at this point in the sport's progression. It would have been arguably worse if Chan hadn't landed his quads but landed every other element cleanly.