Confirmed by his Twitter.

Edited to add Q&A from Golden Skate:

GS: What prompted the pairing?

Tran: When Narumi came down with JSF to end the partnership, I was asked by the coaches what I would like out of my skating. It was simple. I wanted to improve and have more success than what Narumi and I achieved (which is quite a lot). I wasn't going to continue if that was not a possibility. I've already had a successful career, and am academically capable of achieving other things in life.

I've known Natasha for a while, she came down to learn pairs at our school 4 years ago before she started her pairs career with Raymond. From then on I always knew her as a talented and capable skater with jumps and throws being her strength. She has been training at our school for the past season. So when we were discussing possible partnerships that could potentially achieve more than Narumi and I, it didn't take long for us to think of Natasha.

GS: When did the official tryout take place?

Tran: There were no official tryouts. Being in the same school, sometimes a team will help one another with elements. So we already had an idea of what the skating would be like. Also, with having similar technique and coaching we knew it wasn't going to be long to be compatible.

GS: When did you realize it would work?

Tran: We started training together shortly after Four Continents. I believe by Day 1 we knew it was going to work out. By Day 3 we knew it was going to work out very well.

GS: What elements are already working for you?

Tran: As far as elements goes, Natasha is known for having good jumps and throws, which were the weaknesses with Narumi and I. I don't want to discloses what elements we are doing just yet, so let's just say we no longer have to encounter the jump/throw weakness and everything else is solid.

GS: Which elements need work?

Tran: There are no specific element that needs work. Overall we will continue on our flow and execution. The main hurdle we have to tackle is that we want to be at a level at which senior pair teams have had years of training together under their belt together. We want to be there by the end of summer. A new partnership usually takes time and experience to develop into an elite pair, unless you have two already-veterans pairing together like Tatiana & Maxime. However, Natasha and I are just 17 & 22. There are people we want to compete against who have been on the ice longer than we have been alive. We will be working on a lot of transitions and stroking to put out high quality programs next season.

GS: What are your goals as a team for next season?

Tran: Of course our long term goal will be a longstanding career with multiple successes. For next season, with Canada securing 3 spots for Worlds and Olympics, we want that third spot.